The Woman Necklace
The Woman Necklace


The Woman Necklace

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A new, artisan jewelry line from Bilbao, Spain- Pedrusco brings unique and exquisite jewelry for the contemporary woman. All pieces are 100% hand crafted by founder and ceramist Irene Trincado.

The 'Woman Necklace' is a unique piece made in collaboration with Curated by, inspired by the artist's Biomorphic work Jean Arp 1887-1996.

Item Description
Length: 47cm
Piece: 3cm
Material: 18k Gold Plated Brass
Sourced and handmade in Bilbao, Spain

All trimmings are free of nickel and lead to ensure that they will not cause any allergies on sensitive skin.

“We always say our pieces are hand made, but the reality is they are made with the heart.” ― Irene Trincado, founder

Pedrusco is a brand that recovers the artisan activity of the ceramist applied to the jewelry world using contemporary designs. Each piece is hand made by Irene Trincado who, from her studio in Bilbao, supports values such as the importance of craftsmanship, individual objects and exquisite things.

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