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On Record: Letitia Kiu

Letitia Kiu is a self-created, fashion and lifestyle YouTuber based in Toronto, Canada. As of recent, she is the new host of podcast "GIRL WHA?!" where she discusses refreshingly honest content, gives real advice, and shares personal episodes of her life. With an extensive nine years of experience online, Letitia shares her personal journey, her inspirations, and the story of how she built a career for herself online. 

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On Record: Paebies

Hannah Pae is the creator and owner of Paebies, an independently-run plant design company based in Echo Park, CA. She is the heart and brains behind all things Paebies, and the creative architect of her signature succulent arrangements. Today, she shares with us her journey, vision, and inspirations.

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On Record: Vanessa Ordaz

Vanessa, or Van Ordaz, is the owner and founder of Warmer Co., and independently run vintage clothing shop based in Santa Clarita. She successfully created and operates the popular, hand-made stationary shop Cheeky Fawn, which grew to internet fame by its witty slogans and remarkable humor. Today, she shares with us her personal journey, dreams, and inspirations.

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