On Record: Letitia Kiu

By Sally Chun

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Letitia Kiu is a self-created, fashion and lifestyle YouTuber based in Toronto, Canada. As of recent, she is the new host of podcast "GIRL WHA?!" where she discusses refreshingly honest content, gives real advice, and shares personal episodes of her life. With an extensive nine years of experience online, Letitia shares her personal journey, her inspirations, and the story of how she built a career for herself online. 
Q: Letitia, share with us from the beginning. You started on YouTube in 2010, before the online community was what it is today. How did your channel get started, and what inspired you to create your first video?
A: I wanted to get into fashion school so badly, and as a creative outlet I tried blogging. I then realized I'm terrible at writing, and my friend that was doing makeup tutorials on YouTube suggested I start a channel. I remember asking her, "Who does fashion videos?" 

Q: That was a bold step you made! What struggles, if any, came with joining the YouTube community?
A: I think it's more of a personal insecurity for me. I constantly waffle between being defensive about not being taken seriously as a creator, to being completely embarrassed and thinking my career is a joke.
Q: I love the honesty. Considering where you stand now, it seems appropriate to say you are looked up to as a creator by so many viewers. In your career, what has been your favorite project to date?
A: Maybe my Growing Up Chinese video. It was my first time having my parents involved in my process. I don't let them watch my YouTube videos (the embarrassment thing). They know about it (even the sex stuff), but they respect my privacy. 
Q: It is a beautiful video. Seeing you walk down memory lane and describe your experience growing up was truly heartwarming. 

(Growing up Chinese by Letitia Kiu)
Q: Shifting gears, congratulations on your new podcast! How did you decide on the name, and what inspired you to start a podcast?
A: Gah thank you! The name was gut instinct. It's not the most intersectional friendly name. Our Girl Wha?! series on YouTube was doing well, and many people were asking to turn it into a podcast.  All it took was for us to get better audio equipment.
Q: I love how suiting it is. In your life, who or what is your greatest inspiration?
A: The women around me. They kick my ass.

Q: It's always incredible to see women supporting other women. Changing topics, I have seen you thrift some incredible things. What is one favorite piece you have ever thrifted?
A: Oh this is hard too! I guess the most thrilling was a current season MaxMara coat that was $3500. I got it for $40. 
Q: What a gem of a find! Looking forward, as your channel hits ten years next year, what is something you hope for in the next year?
A: I've had a hard time managing content for the channel, the podcast, and freelancing this year. I want to be able to make regular podcast episodes because I am so passionate about it, but it's not financially sustainable. 
Q: Finally, you often give real, honest advice to others. What advice would you give to your younger self?
A: Absolutely listen to your gut more. I was a horny, emotional, and happy child. If I had listened to my instincts a bit more, I feel like I would not have chosen the safe decisions so much. I just needed to find the right outlet and the right people to express myself.
If I had listened to my instincts a bit more, I feel like I would not have chosen the safe decisions so much. I just needed to find the right outlet and the right people to express myself.
To see more of Letitia Kiu, you can visit her YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/letitiakiu or @letitiakiu on Instagram. 

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