On Record: Hannah Quintana

By Sally Chun
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Hannah Quintana

“Do everything with so much love in your heart you’d never want to do it any other way.”
Hannah Quintana is the founder of Hannah Q Photography, a creative brand specializing in wedding, portrait and lifestyle photography. Currently residing in Colorado but serving worldwide, she is an inspiring, self-made photographer who moves the heart of her viewers with her skill to capture the in-between moments of beauty. Today, she shares with us her journey, story, and inspirations.
Q: Hannah, I am so excited to share your story. For those who do not know - tell us about the beginning. How did you first start your photography business?
A: I decided to pick up photography as a hobby because I was working full time for a job that required me to travel the world. I initially was more interested in photographing landscapes, cities, and cultures. Pretty quickly, I realized I was more fascinated by the portraits I took of friends, family, and even strangers. I loved how portraits captured mystic-like qualities and told stories of humans from around the world. What started as a hobby turned into a passion that I wanted to pursue full-time. Friends started asking me to photograph them and that quickly spread to people who found my work through different platforms and word-of-mouth. I can’t imagine myself doing anything else now.
Q: Do you remember your first photoshoot? If so, what was the experience like - and how have things changed or remained the same since then?
A: Oh my goodness... yes. I wasn’t confident nor did I trust myself during the first photoshoot. From meeting the client, to photographing them--everything was so so awkward and I could sense they weren’t comfortable either. It was a terrible post-photoshoot feeling and it was all because I didn’t believe in myself. Things have changed completely since then. Over the years, I of course improved my aesthetics and gained more knowledge about photographing portraits. But more importantly I began trusting myself and became more confident with my work. I learned to embrace myself and what made me uniquely me as a photographer, creative, and entrepreneur.
Q: Something about your persistent work ethic, honesty and relate-ability, and creative branding is truly admirable and unlike many others. In a world saturated with skilled photographers - how do you keep your brand set apart, and how does this translate to cultivating good faith clientele?
A: I know I have the aesthetics down. I know that my work and art is valued by people out there. But I think it’s so important that they know how I am and how I work which is why I try to relay my personality through social media. The service I provide includes the intangible as much as the tangible--what they receive goes beyond than just a photo. It’s an experience.
Q: Shifting gears, what does a typical day look like for you?
A: Lately, it’s been quite busy with my two-year old daughter and newborn. But typically, I’ll wake up before the kids for some self-care quiet time. I’ll sip on my black coffee while listening to NPR news and this to me is heaven. I’ll wake up the kids and soak in the chaos for a good couple of hours, feed them, send them off to daycare. If I’m not at a photoshoot, I’ll be working on editing photos, blogging, creating YouTube videos, or marketing/advertising in general for my business. Once I get the kids back home, I put all my work aside (including the phone!) and give them my 100%.
Q: What has been your favorite project, shoot location or collaboration thus far?
A: I photographed a destination wedding in Barcelona, Spain about a year ago and it was definitely the most memorable because I took my two-year old daughter, June, along with me. The wedding itself was as breathtaking as you’d expect a Catalonian wedding to be but the quality time spent between my daughter and I was one that I will never forget. We got to experience a whole new world together and I was able to document every moment of it.
Q: Who, or what, are your greatest inspirations?
A: I don’t have anyone specific but I’d have to say all the creatives and entrepreneurs big or small that I’ve befriended over the years--including yourself! There’s nothing that inspires me more than when I see someone take something they’re so passionate about and create lasting magic out of it. I think it’s one of the scariest things to put yourself out there, to be confident, and vulnerable all at once. When I see others fight for that I am inspired to do better and to give more than what I am already giving.
Q: Lastly, what advice would you give to your younger self?
A: Fine tune your voice and make sure it is clearly heard. Stay in your light and pay attention to those that seek it. Be authentic. Always do what you love, and love what you do.

To see more of Hannah (@hannahqphotography), you can check out her website www.hannahq.com, or @hannahqphotography on Instagram.


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