On Record: Vanessa Ordaz

By Sally Chun

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Vanessa Ordaz

(Photography by @VanOrdaz for @warmerco)

Vanessa, or Van Ordaz, is the owner and founder of Warmer Co., and independently run vintage clothing shop based in Santa Clarita. She successfully created and operates the popular, hand-made stationary shop Cheeky Fawn, which grew to internet fame by its witty slogans and remarkable humor. Today, she shares with us her personal journey, dreams, and inspirations. 

Q: Vanessa, I admire your entrepreneurship and bold vision for your successful business. How did you begin your venture into online business?
A: It first started when I got into making kawaii plushies, namely mamegomas. I listed them on Tumblr and ended up selling a couple, which, considering how shoddy my sewing skills were at the time and how sketchy it looked to sell on Tumblr, I have no idea how. Maybe the two orders I received were from distant family members - regardless, I was hooked.

Q: In your experience, what is the secret to growing a successful shop?
A: For me, having a consistent look and strong social media presense has been crucial. For each of my creative projects, I brainstorm the imagery, feel, and voice beforehand, and I make sure I stay true to that branding in every way. As for growing a social media following: collaboration and consistency is key!

Q: Besides running your shops, what else do you have going on?
A: I just participated in my first running event last weekend. It was just a 5k, but I'll be training for a half-marathon soon!

Q: Who are your greatest inspirations?
A: I love listening to TedTalks and podcasts. Hearing other people's ideas and experiences really inspire me to create my own. I also find spending time outside of my usual bubble to be really revitalizing. A few weeks ago, I went to San Francisco to visit a friend, and just being in a different city altogether motivated me.

Q: Lastly, what advice would you give to your younger self?
A: I was always so fixated on my future, so it would probably be: "Girl, it's okay to be young and dumb sometimes."

Thank you for your insights! We look forward to watching your business grow, and seeing greater opportunities come your way in the future. Best of luck to you Vanessa! x

To see more of Vanessa (@vanordaz), you can check out her online shop @warmerco on Depop, or @cheekyfawn on Instagram.

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