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On Record

Vanessa, or Van Ordaz, is the owner and founder of Warmer Co., and independently run vintage clothing shop based in Santa Clarita. She successfully created and operates the popular, hand-made stationary shop Cheeky Fawn, which grew to internet fame by its witty slogans and remarkable humor. Today, she shares with us her personal journey, dreams, and inspirations. 

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Our Journey

People often ask us about our story – How did we get here? What did we study? What are our hopes and dreams? In light of our 6-month mark, I decided to sit down and reflect on our journey to launch The Selected.

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The New Wave: Ethical Fashion

For decades, the fast-fashion phenomenon has dominated the global consumer market with cost-friendly and quickly overturned trends. Not surprisingly, there is an overwhelming surplus of unworn clothing everywhere – and this number only continues to grow. Regretful consumer choices, impulsive purchases, and the lure of sale item advertisements contribute to the culture of a fast-fashion marketplace. In recent years, a growing number of consumers have shown interest in sustainable awareness, and many are looking to switch gears to more long-lasting, durable fashion in their closets. Now, a new wave of ethical fashion is on the rise – and here is our breakdown for a more sustainable world of fashion.

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